European Commissioner for Agriculture & Rural Development commends Gradiant’ efforts to modernize Galician agrifood sector


Phil Hogan, European Commissioner for Agriculture & Rural Development, higlights Gradiant’ effort in an article published this week on spanish jounal Hogan talks about current situation on agrifood sector and future challenges, underlining the activity of Digital Innovation Hub for Agrifood sector driven by Gradiant and Campus Terra from USC.

On the article, Hogan focuses on the pioneer activity “in the application of an EU-wide approach to improving access to technologies in the agriculture sector. The Digital Innovation Center of Galicia for the Agrifood sector is an initiative that has been launched by University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), specifically by Campus Terra, and ICT Technology Center (Gradiant) in order develop innovative solutions and to improve agrifood sector competitiveness, in collaboration with local food producers and farmers, environmental groups, public bodies and business organizations, o ensure easy, fast and sucessful access to latest technologies”.

Commissioner has also pointed out that he is “firmly convinced that future for agrifood sector in Europe is based on modernization and simplification, that is, making full use of the latest technological and digital advances to work more efficientely, effectively and sustainably, and to make sure EU policies and legislation are updated to reflect this new reality”.


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