Congalsa advances in the implementation of an intelligent production model in the food sector with the support of the Xunta de Galicia

The company from A Pobra do Caramiñal is developing the project in the framework of the Smart and Sustainable Factory programme of the Galician Government.

The objective is to undertake a process of reorientation of the organisation towards a smart factory model through the digitization of processes, with the support of Gradiant.

The regional government has already supported with this initiative 24 strategic R&D projects aligned with Industry 4.0, with a joint aid of nearly 73 million euros.


The director of the Galician Innovation Agency (Gain), Patricia Argerey, participated this morning in the online conference to present the objectives and results of the Congals4.0 project: Design and development of an industrial 4.0 model in the Galician food sector. This initiative, which aims to move towards an intelligent production model through industrial research and digitalisation, has the support of the Xunta de Galicia, which allocated 2.3 million euros through the Fábrica Inteligente y Sostenible programme and which is expected to mobilise around 5 million.

During the event, Argerey wanted to highlight the fact that the digital and ecological transition of the Galician business fabric is essential to boost its competitiveness, as well as that of the Galician economy and urged the industry to take advantage of the possibilities offered by digitisation and innovation, especially in a context such as the current post-pandemic economic recovery.

The director of Gain gave as an example the process being undertaken by Congalsa, based in A Pobra do Caramiñal, to reorient its organisation towards a smart factory, a transformation that will allow it to interconnect all processes, streamline strategic decision-making and advance in customer integration.

It is worth highlighting the collaboration of the Galician Telecommunications Technology Centre-Gradiant in the project, under an open innovation model in which companies and knowledge centres collaborate in joint projects. In this way, Patricia Argerey pointed out that this “is a strength of Galicia, which is placed as the second Spanish autonomous community in carrying out innovation in collaboration between several agents”, at the same time that she valued the role of the technological centres as sources of external knowledge for the companies and their contribution to the promotion of innovation in the companies, especially among the SMEs.

So far, the Smart Factory programme has supported the development of 24 R&D projects with aid totalling almost 73 million euros, with public-private investment of more than 272 million euros in strategic sectors for the Community and with 68 companies and public and private research centres benefiting.