CANCELLED — AIOTI WG06 organizes an Open Workshop on IoT applied to Smart Farming & Food Security.

UPDATE (Nov. 23rd.) — We regret to announce the cancellation of the Open Workshop, planned to be held the next November 26th, Thursday, in Brussels. The current high alert state in the Brussels region is a major concern for the institution hosting the Workshop, and as of today, they cannot guarantee our access to the venue under the current circumstances. Additionally, the current restrictions in public transport, if maintained, could also make it difficult for those already in Brussels to attend the workshop. Considering all these factors, we have decided to cancel the Open Workshop and look for an alternative date in the near future.

We will keep updating this information in the next days.

The AIOTI Working Group 06 on Smart Farming & Food Safety organizes next November 26th a workshop on recommendations for large-scale pilot projectsrecently released. These recommendations have been forwarded to the European Commission for assessment, and will mark the course of European R&D policies in this field for the coming years. The objectives of the conference will be multiple: During the first part of the day, the European Commision (DG Connect & DG Agri) will Publicize the IoT Focus Area call, the topic IoT-01-2016 on Large Scale Pilots, and the Pilot 2 on Smart Farming and Food Security. It also will emphasize dissemination of the work carried out within AIOTI in general, and within WG06 in particular. The workshop aims to increase the presence of the end user of IoT Technologies within AIOTI WG06. Therefore, the second part of the workshop is mainly focused on them: farmers, cooperatives, machinery manufacturers, food industries, logistics, retailers and consumers, in addition to other stakeholders with diverse interests in smart farming and food security. Finally, the last part of the day will be devoted to the networking and exchange of ideas.

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