• Name SINDA (Indoor Security System with Autonomous Drones Based on Artificial 3D Vision)
  • Committee Prosegur SIS S.L., Avansig S.L.L., Aeromedia UAV S.L., Egatel S.L.
  • Supporting entities Gradiant
  • Funding FEDER Innterconecta 2015
  • Opening / Ending July 2015 / March 2017

The SINDA project SINDA (Indoor Security System with Autonomous Drones Based on Artificial 3D Vision) aims to develop a working prototype of Multirotor drone, equipped with a navigation system and inspection based on machine vision (VA), aimed at the implementation of surveillance, monitoring and control independently.

Financed project by the program FEDER Innterconecta 2015 ITC-20151329.