• Name Seers
  • Committee AIMEN, GRADIANT, Airbus Defense & Space (Cassidian), Thales Italia, University of Glasgow and Mikrosens.
  • Funding Horizon 2020
  • File Number 645114
  • Opening / Ending February 2015 / January 2018

SEERS (Snapshot Spectral Imager for IR Surveillance) will develop a modular, compact and cost effective snapshot spectral imaging system in the infrared domain (0.7-14 µm wavelength). It will be endowed with embedded vision and cognitive fusion capabilities.   Robust visibility, robust temperature imaging, gas detection and discrimination, and spill detection will enable event-driven video analysis. Breakthrough performance will be demonstrated in two relevant application scenarios: coastal and road tunnel surveillance.

The major goal of SEERS is to develop a snapshot spectral imager in the IR range based on low cost uncooled FPAs, with embedded processing capabilities. The targeted range includes near infrared (NIR), short wavelength infrared (SWIR), mid wavelength infrared (MWIR), and long wavelength infrared (LWIR).

A multisensor approach in a beamsplitting arrangement is to be adopted, combined with multi-aperture (MA) imaging, and embedded processing for cognitive image fusion and image-based measurement. Video rate performance, multispectral video analytics software (VAS) for the IR, and demonstration in a real video management software (VMS) framework in real operational conditions are important goals in SEERS.




EuropaThis project has received funding from EU’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement nº 645114