• Title MINTICC: Modernización de la INdustria mediante Tecnologías para Infraestructuras de Computación basadas en Contenedores
  • Consortium EDNON Labs
  • Funding PID 2016 (Antiguos AVANZA)
  • Partners GRADIANT
  • Opening / Ending October 2016 / December 2018

Companies from different industrial sector are experimenting a transformation that will require to the optimization and automation of their processes to adapt them to the digital era. Therefore, it is needed to provide tools to facilitate this transition to achieve the competitiveness growth by means of products and processes innovation. MINTICC project aims at simplifying the management of hyperconvergent infrastructures and lifecycle of services that are deployed on them. The target is to provide a infrastructure management service to a considerable number of small industrial clients with a limited number of sysadmins. To achieve this, tools to simplify the management, automate the processes and reduce the resources usage are provided to specific clients that can benefit from this service. Gradiant’s role in the project is to research and select cutting-edge cloud technologies to be applied in factories and help Ednon develop the needed components to build the final solution tailored to industrial sector needs.