Gradiant conquers Silicon Valley


Daniel Ramos & Juan González are spending two weeks on the West Coast of the US to display our techology porftolio to future clients from the world’s alleged bigger innovation nest

During the next week, Gradiant will attend the world’s most important event on security & cybersecurity, RSA Conference.


Daniel Ramos, our International Business Development Manager, travels these days to the West Coast of the United States, to open new markets in the so-called “Mecca of tech innovation”: Silicon Valley.

During these next two weeks he will visit leading technology companies in the area of San Francisco, initiating business contacts to show our technologies portfolio in fields such as security, intelligence and connectivity, to both major ICT  companies worldwide, along with the area’s most promising tech startups.

«At the same level, even above»

«It motivates a lot to land in San Francisco, wich allegedly is the most influencing advanced technology environment, where the top companies in tech are based, and discover that what we do in Gradiant is at the same technology level, and even above in many cases, to many of the things we see here. At Gradiant, one of our goals is to show that what our great team of young engineers can do, and that’s what we’re validating and demonstrating during this trip» Daniel says. gradiant Next week Juan Gonzalez, our Security & Privacy Lead, will join Daniel  to attend the most important international event on security and cybersecurity, RSA Conference. Besides visiting the Fair and presenting our tech catalog of innovative security and cybersecurity solutions, we’ll help Telefónica Digital in what will be the international presentation of Shadow, wich was aquired by Telefónica from our technology portfolio last year.