• Title Smart lifelong learning para la industria del futuro y la sociedad del conocimiento
  • Consortium Netex, GRADIANT
  • Opening / Ending August 2016 / August 2019

The Joint Research Unit (UMI) between Netex and Gradiant, whose name is “Smart lifelong learning for the industry of the future and the knowledge society” will focus its work in the field of Smart Education, within the EdTech market. Its main objective is the creation of intelligent solutions that favor individualized and adaptive learning in both corporate and educational environments, contributing to the implementation of a “Smart Lifelong Learning” model for the training of workers in Industry 4.0. The more than predictable crisis in the labor market caused by the extreme automation of Industry 4.0 will provoke a high demand on the training systems that will have to re-train millions of workers. 50% of the current jobs will not exist in 2025, so there is a global need to re-train the workforce and promote new continuous and personalized learning schemes. Therefore, the need for differentiated and active learning environments is imperative, so that students can develop their full potential and are, thus, adequately prepared for a new job market in which the need for training is continuous.