• Title SMARNET, Smart MARitime NETwork
  • Supporting entities Gradiant y Cetmar
  • Funding INNTERCONECTA 2015
  • Opening / Ending June 2015 / December 2017

SMARNET (Smart MARitime NETwork) applies the concept of Smart Ciy to maritime-coast environment. The target is to provide a platform, based on FIWARE technologies, to support the development of applications and services focused on maritime sector and oriented to professionals and general public. Nowadays, there are multiple sources of information related to the maritime environment (fishing, logistics, sports navigation, tourism, environment and weather). SMARNET is a platform that allows to unify the access to these data and to easily create added value scalable applications taking into account the latest standards. GRADIANT’s role is to research and provide innovative cloud IoT technologies related to FIWARE to build a cloud infrastructure that allows to manage data that comes from the ships sensors and support the different verticals proposed in the project.