• Name Emocions - Interactive emotional tool with identification of spontaneous facial expressions
  • Duration 2 years
  • Client Continental Producciones

The goal of the Emocions project is the design and development of an affective educational tool with the capacity to identify spontaneous facial expressions of the users in real time, infer their emotional states and interact with them as a consequence. In order to exploit these capabilities, the project will also deal with the creation of digital contents for the composition of personalized experiences, adapted to the emotional state of the users. Within this project, we will analyze different techniques for the recognition of basic and complex emotions (e.g. interest or boredom) and for the detection of Action Units (system FACS), based on shape and appearance features.

The development of the emotional educational tool will be built on the specification of the experiments designed by experts, relying on the studies by Ekman and Baron-Cohen. During the project, the contents enabling a natural user-machine dialog will be created (scripts, questionnaires, etc.) according to two final platforms: PC and Wii.

Research and application fields like HCI (Human-Computer Interaction), domotics, AAL (Ambient-Assisted Living), and Behavioral Sciences (Psychology, Psychiatry) could probably exploit the results obtained in this project.