Interoperable decision support technologies for healthcare

Clinicians needs to handle an increasing amount of in­formation for taking a decision, furthermore, knowle­dge is changing rapidly, and seeking information is time-consuming.

Gradiant MedAid is designed to impact clinical decision making about individual patients just at the moment when these decisions are made. It integrates patient data, such as EHR or data from health personal devices, with an expert medical knowledge base to ge­nerate patient-specific outputs as recommendations for care, alerts, assessments or reminders. Our solution also provide clients with an easy to use tool for non ICT experts to introduce the clinical knowle­dge that guides the decision making.

Gradiant MedAid is based on open standards, which allows its cou­pling to potentially any hospital information system or other con­nected devices, as well as its action in multiple use cases.

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