• Title GAMAPEA, Gamificación aplicada a la promoción del envejecimiento activo
  • Consortium SIVSA GRADIANT, IMATIA, USC, Fundación Ramón Domínguez
  • Opening / Ending December 2016 / May 2019

Over the last few years the Spanish population in general has been experiencing a drop in the birth rate which, together with the progressive increase in life expectancy, has given rise to a model in which empowering elderly citizens is fundamental. GAMAPEA is offered as a solution to promote the active aging of the population over 45 years. To do this, it proposes a mHealth system that provides recommendations for healthy habits and serious games, based on methods of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). A decision support system is created that helps health professionals monitor the health of users and facilitates the creation of treatments that will contribute to active aging.