Digital wallets have become one of the flagship products for users of mobile devices. Companies and public administrations are joining the use of this technology to make easier access to online services, especially now that e-wallets will become an essential component of digital identities within the eIDAS2 scheme.


We incorporate blockchain technology to our digital wallet and offer a complete service that allows the users’ authentication, in a totally secure and reliable way, for both people and organisations.

novaWallet by gradiant is a simple and trusted e-wallet that allows companies to adopt decentralised identity schemes, allowing the use of any of the roles defined within the European EBSI ecosystem.

Simplifying authentication processes for people

novaWallet by gradiant is a comprehensive and versatile digital wallet, which adapts to current regulations and can be integrated into third-party products or services.

Certified by EBSI, our e-wallet incorporates privacy enhancing technologies that will allow any entity to deploy the digital wallet in the cloud.

For people:

A mobile app any person can register online and obtain a digital identity credential (the digitalised version of an identity document with very specific characteristics). Once this digital onboarding is done, the person will be able to present the digital identity credential to public or private services, such as accessing financial services or carrying out procedures in the public administration, or with the aim of obtaining new credentials (more specific, and with a lower level of security).

For organisations:

novaWallet by gradiant allows organisations to offer users’ a digital onboarding process for their correct identification, the issuance of verifiable credentials (identity or other) and the verification of these credentials when the user accesses an online service.

In this way, 3 roles are offered for the entity:

  • TAE (trusted accrediting entity),
  • TI (trusted issuer), and
  • Verifier