Plug&Play business processes simulation

One of the process management tasks is to compare two or more possible scenarios in order to check which of them is better based on some parameters: cost, time etc.

There are multiple simulation programs that allows you to compare different processes, but all of them force you to “draw” the pro­cess model “by hand”. So, every little detail of the process must be known much time before the simulation starts. How many resour­ces are there? What is the behavior of the people who run through the process? These questions are hard to answer without a deep and expensive pre-analysis. Furthermore, this pre-analysis is usually rely on the on intuition of some experts.

Gradiant’s solution make use of real data to answer all these ques­tions automatically. Professionals can start the simulation immedia­tely, get the desired metrics, execute some changes in the pro­cess, get metrics again and compare the two cases, saving money and time.

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