• Title Chatbot for triage in primary care
  • Consortium Legalmit SL
  • Funds Innova PEME
  • Opening/ Ending January 2023 / June 2023

Pilot project to validate the suitability of an artificial intelligence-assisted system for the preliminary triage of patients in the primary care setting (based on the symptoms they report and other related information). This triage is oriented to classify the urgency with which patients should be attended and the need for presence, which will enable a medical appointment assignment based on these criteria. For patient data collection, a conversational agent will be used, which will allow this interaction with the system to be simple for the user and automatic for healthcare professionals. Gradiant’s role will be to design and develop a conversational agent that allows, from a conversational flow with the patient, to extract relevant information (symptoms, temporality, demographics…). The input and output of this conversational agent will be in textual format, and will support the Spanish language. Given the scope established in this pilot, the number of conversational flows to be implemented will be limited to ten, although it may vary depending on their complexity.