• Title Information rights management advanced systems
  • Consortium Telefónica, Gradiant
  • Funding Unidades Mixtas
  • Opening / Ending Agosto 2017 / Octubre 2020

The aim of this cybersecurity project (http://irmas.org/) is to develop solutions to manage the security of the information and documents within an organization. The developed solutions allow companies to simplify and improve their information access management processes. Thus, the project focuses on three research lines: (1) Data analytics for the data protection: it includes the development of models, techniques and algorithms that allow to discover and classify information automatically, perform risk analysis through the detection of anomalies in the access to information, and detect leaks in documents. (2) Advanced control systems for information management: focused on the development and integration of technologies to verify the identity of the people with access to certain information, and also on the improvement of the traceability and integrity of the information management processes. (3) Protection and secure sharing of files: oriented to the development and integration of cryptographic technologies that allow to increase the level of protection of the documents and allow to share them securely.