• Title Impulse
  • Consortium
  • Funding H2020
  • Opening / Ending February 2021 / January 2024

As public services enter the Digital Single Market (DSM), secured and respectful identity (eID) management becomes central for trust and confidence in the DSM. The EU-funded IMPULSE project focuses on AI and blockchain disruptive technologies and their impacts on eID. The project will perform a user-centric and multidisciplinary analysis on the integration of such technologies in EU public services. IMPULSE will assess benefits, risks, costs and restrictions and consider socioeconomic, legal and ethical impacts. The project will involve Digital Innovation Hubs and implement six innovative case studies to produce an integrated AI and blockchain supporting GDPR-compliant eID and actionable roadmaps for the sustainable adoption of advanced eID technologies. Gradiant’s main role is as Project Coordinator. Furthermore, Gradiant technical contributions focus on evolving the existing blockchain-based identity management solutions to be integrated into the public sector. In this regard, Gradiant will be in charge of the development of the IMPULSE identity wallet and contributing to the implementation of Smart Contracts that will support the Blockchain-based Identity Management System. In addition, Gradiant will support the development of anti-spoofing techniques for the analysis of biometric features in the validation tools. Gradiant is also in charge of the development and deployment of the IMPULSE Platform, which will be deployed in the pilot sites.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No.101004459