• Title Identity management and cybersecurity in telematic processes
  • Consortium Councilbox Technology, S.L.; Gradiant
  • Funds Unidades Mixtas
  • Opening / Ending March 2022 / September 2025

Citizen service solutions and legally valid telematic meetings present a series of key elements that can be improved in terms of security and usability through the use of innovative technologies, and that can represent an important differential value to position this solution as a leader in the market. industry market: Secure and simple identity verification and management: verifying the identity of users is key to being able to perform the functionalities of this type of solution. The use of secure biometric systems and the validation of the documents provided in the process, in addition to allowing compliance with the different regulations that apply, increase security and simplify the verification process for the user. Ensure the legal validity of the signature processes: these systems have electronic signature processes to seal and verify the content of the generated documentation. This Mixed Unit will work on technologies and solutions that improve the usability, security and performance of digital signature systems through the centralization of digital certificates. Legal validity of electronic voting: it is essential that these systems comply with confidentiality and privacy protection requirements. The use of reliable and verifiable computing algorithms will allow the improvement of the electronic voting system. Legal validity in the storage of evidence: evidence is stored throughout the process that must guarantee temporary sealing and immutability. The use of blockchain networks meets the objective but has a series of limitations that will be resolved with the execution of the tasks proposed in this Mixed Unit. The research works of this Mixed Unit (UMI) are within this scope.