The main goal of AEROMARK project was to design video processing algorithms that allow guaranteeing the integrity and authenticity of h.264 video sequences. Thus, it will be possible to check if a video stream has been modified from the moment it has been captured by a camera or digital device. This solution is built over two main elements: steganography and cryptographic primitives.

The steganography algorithm created in AEROMARK processes the video stream in the compressed domain in real time, seeking gaps where information can be embedded in such a way that generated changes are imperceptible for the human eye.

Steganography algorithms provide several advantages to systems that guarantee the authenticity of a video recording. Unlike other techniques based on storing digital signatures separated from the video or encryption, the use of watermarking does not alter transmission and storage infrastructure. Besides that, authentication information is self-contained. The possibility of sending, storing and modifying the video sequence using common tools provides additional value to this solution.

The project has been funded the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain by means of INNCORPORA program (INC-TU-2011-1027), that intends to increase the human resources working in R&D in private companies and research entities. This program aims to support and strengthen the recruitment of qualified personnel and to stimulate knowledge and technology transfer to the productive sector and promoting business innovation.


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