Perfil profesional

Daniel García Coego

Daniel García Coego obtained a degree in Telecommunications Engineering, specialising in Telematics, in July 2010 from the University of Vigo. In July 2012 he obtained a Master’s degree in Telematics Engineering, also from the University of Vigo, and in June 2015 he completed the Expert Programme in Innovation at CEPADE of the UPM.

His interests have covered fields such as cloud computing, advanced file systems, multimedia technologies and Internet of Things. In 2017 he took on the role of IoT and CPS Technical Manager, and 3 years later, in 2020, he evolved to the position of Industry Manager, focusing his activity on enabling technologies for Industry 4.0, such as IoT, data analysis, cloud computing or cybersecurity, with the aim of helping to improve the competitiveness and operational excellence of companies in the sector.

Since 2023, he is director of the Systems area