Perfil profesional

Agustín Cañas Rodríguez

Co-Director Intelligent Systems

Agustín Cañas Rodríguez is a Telecommunications Engineer (specialised in Telematics) and has Master’s Degree in Telematics Engineering (specialised in Services and Applications) from the University of Vigo in 2010 and 2011, respectively.

He worked with Telematic Systems Engineering Group (GIST) of the University of Vigo for 4 years, where he combined his work as project engineer with research tasks, mainly in the field of recommended systems and technologies for Semantic Web applied to eLearning. In this same field, he is co-author of publications in international congresses and journals.

In 2013 he became part of Gradiant and continued his specialization in eLearning changing focus to intelligent systems for education (Learning Analytics, Visual Analytics, educational standards, recommendation systems).

After five years focused almost exclusively on the education sector (school, university and / or corporate), at the beginning of 2019 extends its focus to assume the technical co-direction of the Area of Intelligent Systems and from it work on the value of intelligent solutions for data capture and analysis in various sectors.