The world has changed, and we live in an increasingly digital environment in which customers do not have to be physically present to buy a book, open a bank account or take out insurance on their vehicle.

Nowadays companies with digital onboarding services need to verify the authenticity of the documents they receive in this process.



Valida, the best partner to ensure document security

Valida by Gradiant is an automatic forensic analysis tool that detects edits and manipulated regions in jpeg or pdf documents. This technology allows companies to offer an extra level of security and prevent fraud by analysing documents, JPEG images and PDF files, and detecting digital forgeries through AI-based forensic techniques:

  • Automatically detects digital forgeries in ID documents, bills, payslips, etc.
  • Automatically detects whether a document has been captured from a screen display
  • Supports all types of ID documents and nationalities: passports, national ID documents, driving licenses, etc. without the need of adaptation nor specific training
  • Does not require connection to external databases (e.g. ID document databases) to detect modifications
  • Does not require the original document to detect modifications
  • Supports JPEG images and PDF files

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Remotely and securely users’ identity verification has become a necessity for companies with outstanding digital businesses. This fact forces to develop advanced easy-to-use trustworthy solutions, specially with digital onboarding and KYC processes.

With online processes, companies already need mechanisms to authenticate and verify the thousands of ID documents they daily receive in digital processes.


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