Digital Onboarding: new horizons for online banking

Banking and Fintech companies are going through a major digital transformation, adapting to new business models and re-inventing the way they and their customers interact with each other. In this transformation context, regulators have recently taken a big step: beginning March 1st, banks and financial institutions and can identify their customers, via videoconference, as SEPBLAC’s […]

Gradiant Face: Face Recognition Biometrics

Gradiant Face integrates latest Gradiant’s proprietary face recognition technology, especially designed for authentication in mobility scenarios. Gradiant Face comprises a set of libraries ready for integration in mobile and server platforms. lt is intended for biometric system integrators as well as application developers. Gradiant Face combines computer vision, pattern recognition and machine learning techniques, enabling fully automatic […]

ElevenPaths and Gradiant will work together to innovate security

Gradiant and ElevenPaths , Telefónica’s Cybersecurity unit, wich is focused on innovation of security products, signed this morning a Memorandum of Understanding, under which both parts pledged to work together for innovation in security and privacy technologies. The signing of the document took place at Gradiant’s headquarters located in Vigo, and it is the first result of the joint work […]