Quality Policy

Quality and R&D&i Management System

In order to successfully guide management towards quality, achieving full customer satisfaction is what gradiant defines as a general policy, distinguishing itself in the field of R & D due to the quality of services it offers. In its objective to act as a tractor in the galician sector of information technology and communications, Gradiant’s activity is based on the following premises:

  • EVERYONE is committed to constantly be informed of innovations and technological changes needed in the market and industry as well as its demands.
  • There is full commitment and priority by the Board of Gradiant to fulfill the requirements and continual improvement of the effectiveness of the system of Quality Management, and the training and motivation of staff so that they may compose and participate in it.
  • Implement and create conditions in different areas of work of the company to facilitate the expression of new ideas and proposals for the development of new projects.
  • Reduce errors, thereby increasing productivity and profitability, for which it is necessary that everyone improves their own work, that the company’s procedures be agile, efficient and economical and establish actions and programs aimed at prevention rather that the correction.

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