Gradiant TravelMovie

Gradiant has developed an efficient transmission system to streaming video and audio contents to mobile user devices through a WiFi network.

Main features of the system include:

  • Apps for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets already available in Google Play and Apple Store.
  • Easy server installation (small embedded system).
  • Video and audio content of any kind. Advertising.
  • Viewing at any time without waiting.
  • Remote updating of contents connecting the server to the internet.
  • Local updating of contents.

Technical details

The system is composed of:

  • Embedded server: based on commercial off the shelf hardware. It only need to be connected to the power line.
  • TravelMovie WiFi network: created by the server.
  • Mobile apps: used to view contents in user’s mobile devices (Android & iOS smartphones and tablets).
  • Updating interface: allows to update and configure video and audio contents in remote or local way.

In order for the system to operate:

  • Embedded server must be placed onsite and powered on.
  • Users must connect their devices to the TravelMovie WiFi Network.
  • Users must install the app and open it to access the contents.


The system has been presented in MWC 2015, as part of Vodafone Smart Transport system:

  • Onboard Wifi Internet connection.
  • Onboard music and movie contents available to travellers on their own devices.

System based on Gradiant & University of Vigo 2011 U.S. Patent Application of wireless transmission of digital content to multiple concurrent clients in near Video-on-Demand (nVoD) applications.