Secure Document Management and Signature System (sign3r)

SIGN3R is an integrated document management and biometric e-signature system consisting on a web platform and a mobile app. SDK available for easy and flexible integration in custom applications.

Use Cases:

  • Contract signatures (unique digital copy for each part)
  • Confidential document distribution (digital and printed documents traceability)

SIGN3R provides increased security by combining:

  • Handwritten signature recognition for user (signer) authentication.
  • Biometric digital signature, providing authentication, non-repudiation and document integrity.
  • Invisible watermarking for document traceability. Each signer gets a unique copy of the original document so that, if an information leak occurs, SIGN3D can trace back who was responsible (both printed and digital formats).

SIGN3R effectively solves actual problems of current document signature systems:

  • Difficulty in managing signature certificates.
  • Difficulty in verifying the identity of the signer.
  • Lack of mechanisms to ensure the traceability of the documents once they leave the digital format.

Best signature security available and excellent verification rates due to an innovative
use of Hidden Markov Models (HMM).

Configurable number of enrollment Security alerts for easily forged signatures.


Technology Contact:

SIG3R Team

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SIGN3R Brochure (.pdf)