MARES, Maritime Surveillance

Maritime Surveillance System

Use Cases:

  • Natural Resources Protection
  • Maritime infrastruscture protection
  • Security
  • Emergencies
  • Border Control
  • Drug traffic prosecution
  • Banned fishing activities control
  • Harbor perimeter control
  • Coast and harbor traffic control



  • 24h thermal cameras surveillance
  • Short and long distance surveillance
  • Boats and persons automatic detection and classifying
  • Multiple objectives tracking
  • Event detection: boat presence in protected areas ans virtual fence crossing detection
  • Pan/Tilt presets sequences analysis for optimal visual field coverage
  • Suitable for small boats and non-metallic materials
  • Robustness in non-optimal conditions (waves, haze, etc)
  • Robustness in adverse meteorologycal conditions (low light, fog, etc)
  • Robustness to distractions (birds, boat trails, etc)


Effective system, even in adverse conditions: waves, haze, fog, rain, low lighting, etc.

Versatile System: short and long distances, day & night, all kinds of ships

High cover w/out radar: Presets sequence analysis

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