Measure the impact of your digital signage platform.

Gradiant Demographics
can automatically aquire the demographics (age and sex) from the audience of digital signage systems, as well as their time of presence and active attention.
In addition, the system also applies to retail, analyzing the public in stores.

This allows advertisers to tune in a much more accurate advertising impacts, with better segmented target audiences and better intelligence data on the public’s demographics. It allows solid arguments about the effectiveness of advertising campaigns carried on media digital signage supports, as well as the effectiveness of product-placements or the reactions that a particular product causes in a physical store.

The system has also been tested to validate in-store retargeting campaigns, with an effectiveness equal or superior to systems from manufacturers worldwide.

All this functionalities are obtained automatically, and without worrying about local regulations. The system performs all image processing of the image captured.

How does it work?

The system automatically detects and analyzes the faces present on the video feed, in real time. Demographic information is obtained from vide feed using advanced facial analysis. In addition, the system is also able to provide other interesting facts, such as active attention time per subject, or the time of mere presence.
Afeter real-time processing, the system sends the information to a secure remote database where all data is centralized and updated. This allows quick response to events or situations that require it, along with a quick analysis of all items of information.

The system can be used for objective measurement of advertising impact in different digital signage media, making it possible to adapt the contents quickly and dynamically. User can tune different campaigns to different targets to increase the effectiveness of the contents, according to the demographic information provided by the system.

Beyond its advertising use, Gradiant Demographics can be used for:

  • Content recommendation
  • Video indexing
  • Adaptability and improved interfaces
  • Elderly assistance



  • Simultaneous detection of different users
  • Detection of the gender of each user
  • Age estimation of each user, divided into 7 intervals.
  • Individualized estimation of service time and effective attendance times.
  • Real-time analysis.
  • The information is stored in a secure and centralized database, which can simultaneously gather data from multiple systems.
  • It can be used as standalone application or as integrated library in other applications.
  • Easily adaptable to specific requirements.

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