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Usable and secure for real life

We all need an easy way to access our information on the go… Make sure it is secure and private.

GRADIANT brings you SDK for face, speaker and signature recognition.

Use them separately or combined.

Gradiant Face

  • Face recognition designed and created for mobile scenario.
  • Embedded real-time processing.
  • Fully compatible biometric templates between computer and mobile devices.
  • Liveness detection and template protection.

Gradiant Signature

  • Dynamic signature recognition: improved performance.
  • Compatible among signature tablets and smartphones.
  • Configurable enrollment and security levels.
  • Detection of easy-to-forge signatures and template coherence.


Gradiant Voice

  • Text-independent speaker recognition.
  • Designed and created for mobile scenarios.
  • Mobile device embedded real-time processing.
  • Text-dependent liveness check.

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