POLARYS Project: Reinforcing maritime safety


The main objective of the POLARYS project is to increase maritime safety and efficiency in navigation and emergency management. All this by developing a novel VDES transceiver (VHF Data Exchange System) and its complementary systems. This system allows the exchange of information related to maritime safety between vessels, and between them and terrestrial/satellite infrastructures. In […]

Gradiant conquers Silicon Valley


Daniel Ramos, our International Business Development Manager, travels these days to the West Coast of the United States, to open new markets in the so-called “Mecca of tech innovation”: Silicon Valley.

CattleCare is shaping the future of Galician Livestock Farms


CATTLECARE will improve the management of resources, such as food, through the automation of distribution logistics Livestock farms will be modernized by using devices that will allow extracting cattle’s behavioral patterns CATTLECARE consortium is formed by CLUN Cooperative, Conexiona Telecom and Ictel Ingenieros. Gradiant plays a key role in the success of this project Introducing CattleCare at Gradiant’s […]

Multi biometric security: improving the security of authentication


The safety chain always breaks by the same link: the human one. A clear example: One out of three people do not protect his/her smartphone with a password or a pattern, according to a study by McAfee. And that’s not all: 55% of users have shared their unlock codes with others; more than ten percent […]

Drones vs. UAVs

linea grd uavs

First things first, may we try to justify the title of this blog post: The english term Drone applied to UAVs refers to the male bee, because of the clumsy flight and the monotone sound that this vehicles showed in their beginnings. Initially being of almost strictly military use, UAVs (Unmaned Aerial Vehicles) have been perfected nowadays to an extent […]

Increase the security of your digital signature


In this shared post between Gradiant and ElevenPaths, we show you how to complement SealSign and Shadow. During the recent Security Innovation Day 2016, Chema Alonso (Chief Data Officer of Telefónica and founder of ElevenPaths, Telefónica’s cybersecurity division) announced the purchase of our solution for document security, SHADOW. The acquisition is one of the first derivatives of the recent agreement signed between […]

Six technologies for Industry 4.0


The concept Industry 4.0 was given birth by the German government to describe a vision of hyperconnected manufacturing processes, a new model based on data. It seeks deep changes and evolutions, to such an essential level, that it has already been given the name of fourth industrial revolution. Governments and supra-national institutions recently adopted this belief by […]

Spanish banks bet on biometrics


Since the beginning of November, two major banks in Spain have launched innovative initiatives regarding Digital Onboarding processes. Thus Spain is at the European forefront of innovation in biometric security. Photo credit: Pexels.com The mobile banking revolution has taken another step forward in Spain, by relying on biometric security technologies. Since early November, both SelfBank and BBVA have launched […]

AIOTI established as a legally recognised Association


A message from Kees van der Klauw, Chairman of AIOTI, originally published on http://www.aioti.org/2016/11/03/aioti-established-as-a-legally-recognised-association/ “After several months of hard work, our Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation has passed a major milestone since its establishment. On 22 September 2016 we received the confirmation from the Belgian authorities that the King has approved the application of AIOTI to establish an Association […]