The SINDA project SINDA (Indoor Security System with Autonomous Drones Based on Artificial 3D Vision) aims to develop a working prototype of Multirotor drone, equipped with a navigation system and inspection based on machine vision (VA), aimed at the implementation of surveillance, monitoring and control independently. Financed project by the program FEDER Innterconecta 2015 ITC-20151329.  


Over the last few years the Spanish population in general has been experiencing a drop in the birth rate which, together with the progressive increase in life expectancy, has given rise to a model in which empowering elderly citizens is fundamental. GAMAPEA is offered as a solution to promote the active aging of the population […]

Advanced Videosurveillance

One of the objectives of this project is the C++ implementation of an automatic system for the detection of pedestrians based on Histograms of Oriented Gradients (HoG) using the OpenCV library. In addition, the project will address the design and development of an advanced video surveillance system with the following features: a) motion detection, b) […]


El proyecto consiste en el estudio, diseño e implementación de varios subsistemas electrónicos para la adquisición, acondicionamiento y procesado de información de vibraciones para su aplicación y mantenimiento predictivo de un aerogenerador, con el fin de validar las tecnologías bajo estudio. La plataforma llevará a cabo la captura y acondicionamiento analógico, así como el procesamiento […]


El objetivo de la empresa catalana TrafficNow en este proyecto es el diseño y desarrollo de un sistema de detección de vehículos rodados. El nodo detectará el rastro de los dispositivos Bluetooth que se encuentran dentro de cada vehículo y de esta información se inferirá el tráfico en ese punto de la vía. Una vez […]


TerresTRACE is a software tool for coverage prediction which has been developed by Gradiant jointly with the University of Vigo, and which is based on different prediction methods. Digital terrain models are used to feed the tool and extract the corresponding field levels and channel response. In parallel, a hardware co-simulator based on FPGA has […]


SIXIC’s project goal is to develop a solution comprehensive management of chronic based on the use of existing knowledge from data recorded in health systems and other sources of information from public administrations , and oriented health professionals and citizens. This solution will offer new possibilities for generating an integrated and dynamic predictive and personalized […]

Remote Door Opening System

Remote opening system , which is an extension of the access control system allows automatic opening of the gateway from any physical location via a simple web interface, as an intercom. The opening control hardware through the parallel port , web server and control external webcam: a single application in different parts of the system […]

Adapted Devices and Services

The social inclusion of people with some degree of disability and / or dependency status became in recent years one of the priorities of governments regarding welfare policies. The problems of personal autonomy and mobility , common in these groups greatly impede their incorporation into the labor market and their integration into our society. New […]


This project is funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation through the INNPACTO subprogram. The goal of the project is to provide the global market with a GSM signal sensor based on software defined radio (SDR), to be carried in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). It will combine the capabilities of a GSM base […]