The project PRACTICIES mobilizes networks of European cities, experts from the fields of humanities, political sciences, information sciences to better understand the human roots of violent radicalization and to characterize these processes starting by their origins and to build concrete tools and prevention practices. Gradiant is part of this project as an expert in digital […]


SMARNET (Smart MARitime NETwork) applies the concept of Smart Ciy to maritime-coast environment. The target is to provide a platform, based on FIWARE technologies, to support the development of applications and services focused on maritime sector and oriented to professionals and general public. Nowadays, there are multiple sources of information related to the maritime environment (fishing, […]


NANOEATERS is a network of Research Centers created with the objective of supporting Euroregional “early adopters” companies in the application of new nanotechnology-based solutions. The technologies targeted by the project will offer effective responses to the weaknesses detected in the cross border Smart Specialization Strategy (S3) Galicia – Northern Portugal. Gradiant’s goal in the project […]


SPACE  project  develops  a  perimeter  protection  system  for  critical  infrastructures  against  air  attacks  with  any  type  of  drones.  For  this  purpose,  sensors   based  on  two  complementary  technologies  are  used:  radiofrequency  spectrum  anlalysis  and  optical  sensors.  The  fusion  of  information  of  these  two   technologies  of  detection  and  localization,  allows  to  detect  drones  of  any […]


SILVA  project  aims  to  develop  a  new  forest  monitoring  technology  solution  that  facilitates  and  improves  the  management  of  large  forest  areas.  SILVA  is   part  of  the  discipline  known  as  Precision  Forestry,  since  it  introduces  ICT  tools  to  obtain  relevant  information  about  forest  health.  The  proposed  solution   is  based  on  the  use  of  a […]


WITDOM is a project to produce a framework for end-to-end (E2E) protection of data in untrusted and fast evolving ICT-based environments, following the privacy-by-design methodology. WITDOM puts particular focus in data-outsourcing scenarios, where new threats, vulnerabilities and risks due to new uses require end-to-end security solutions that will withstand progress for the lifetime of applications they support. […]

  According to recent studies, the full adoption by EU SMEs of Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPPSs) and their related service platforms and innovation business models will allow Europe to achieve the ambitious target by 2020 to have 10% of the GDP coming from Manufacturing & Services. BEinCPPS Innovation Action aims to dramatically improve the adoption of CPPSs all […]


Fi -Ware is part of the FI-PPP the European public-private partnership of the Future Internet, which is the main reference in the EU in terms of policy construction and implementation of the Future Internet. The European Commission and the European industry seek to boost the Future Internet using Fi Ware. In order to do this, […]


The mission of PRIPARE is twofold: facilitate the application of a privacy and security-by-design methodology that will contribute to the advent of unhindered usage of Internet against disruptions, censorship and surveillance, support its practice by the ICT research community to prepare for industry practice; foster risk management culture through educational material targeted to a diversity […]


Maven develops a set of tools for managing multimedia data and security . Maven goals focus on two key concepts: ” search ” and “verification”. Maven search digital content containing “objects” of interest and applies forensic analysis tools to verify its integrity and authenticity. It is an European project funded by the 7th Framework Programme […]