We have a vast experience in security. Our expertise in this field is supported by the development of a large number of secure solutions, tailored to the specific needs of our partners and customers, and applicable in several market fields.

In our developments we pursue the principles of security and privacy by design, taking into account issues such as confidentiality, privacy and integrity of information.

Our solutions allow us to guarantee the security of data processing. As ann example of this, our solutions based on data anonymization, which enables analysis while preserving the privacy and identities of the users.

Moreover, we develop solutions based on the use of homomorphic encryption and hardware security modules (HSMs) for performing operations on encrypted data.

We also offer tools to ensure high availability and efficiency data backups, providing security at all levels.

In Gradiant we also work in multimedia security, ensuring documents integrity and traceability. Our technologies based on facial recognition, signature and voice biometrics applied on different scenarios (electronic signature of documents, access controls, etc.), offer additional high security measures, even on mobile enviroments.

Intelligent video analysis and Data Processing allows us to simplify and automate monitoring and surveillance in complex environments (eg. surveillance cameras, UAVs video feeds).


Research Lines:

  • Store and process data in untrusted enviroments
  • Videoanalytics for surveillance
  • Multimedia Security and Forensics