Our cyber-physical systems research line (CPS) encompasses two technological fields: Internet of Things (IoT) and Embedded Systems. Both concepts, which are increasingly gaining  popularity and applicability for different markets, relate to the integration of computer systems, data networks and physical processes.

Gradiant adds value in developing and integratig cross-cutting technologies in several fields, most notably for our involvement in Smart Farming, Smart Cities, end-user systems, and especially, IoT for Factories of the Future (FoF).

Supporting this line of work, Gradiant has experience developing innovations in key enabling technologies, namely:

  • Telematic networks, sensors and actuators, wireless networks, wireless LAN, communication standards and network architecture.
  • Embedded systems, real-time operating systems, oriented components, firmware design and development methodologies and security

Research Lines:     

  • IoT Applications
  • Middleware for embedded systems
  • Networks (6LoWPAN, services discovery, etc.)     
  • IoT Security