The new ways of working require new and effective tools. Recently there has been a proliferation of a new form of management named Cloud Computing, which represents a revolution when compared to traditional services model, becoming a key paradigm for today’s business.

In Gradiant we adapt and integrate state-of-the-art tools into each layer of the Cloud paradigm. Thus, solving the problems of our customers, we get solutions that provide competitiveness improvement in an increasingly technological market.

Gradiant solutions address the reduction of infrastructure costs using OpenStack, multicloud or hybrid cloud systems without losing functionality or compliance. Some of the advanced features that include our solutions are simple and transparent management of services lifecycles, using Docker based virtualization of containers, high availability, monitoring, backup and automatic scaling.

The intelligent backup software with encrypted deduplication, wich is based on a Gradiant proprietary algorithm, optimizes storage and transfer of cloud data while ensuring its security, integrity and privacy. Also, our virtual remote desktop and interface service is worth to mention.


In Gradiant we have solved one of the most problematic aspects to other known solutions: quality of media streaming.

Research Lines:

  • Easy systems deployment and autoadministration technologies
  • Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud Management
  • Desktop as a Service