Gradiant quintuples international R&D licenses sales

Gradiant has quintupled the license agreements of its innovation projects in the last two years, which already reach 150 licenses in 18 countries. Gradiant’s international revenues, in addition to licensing, include in-house project development with 239 companies from 29 countries. In total, Gradiant’s international business will reach 18% this year, with the forecast to exceed 30% in two years.

Artificial intelligence, the future of cybersecurity?

When in 1984, William Gibson wrote Neuromancer,  years before world wide web was born, he was not only able to anticipate to hyper connected world using the term “cyberspace”, but he also foresaw cybersecurity associated problems. In the novel, Casi, the antihero and hacker (cyber cowboy in Gibson’s text) is hired to break the security […]