• Title Technologies for the Exploration of Purpose-Driven Communities
  • Consortium Elogia Media S.L.
  • Partners Gradiant
  • Funding PID CDTI
  • Opening / Ending January 2017 / December 2018

The purpose of VIGÍA is to provide a set of technologies to assist in the exploration of information from large communities attending to the content generated by the users within. To improve analysts’ experience, VIGÍA focuses on the visualization of large graphs of communities (over a scalable backend that facilitates the generation of such graphs, not supported by current technologies), providing different levels of abstraction based on the analysis of the contents generated by the users -obtained from both social networks and the web (news, blogs, RSS). As a use case, the resulting technologies will be oriented to the analysis of communities for online marketing applications (such as identifying needs regarding a product, finding communities willing to accept innovative products, etc.). However, VIGÍA aims to be also a technological solution for other sectors such as the financial sector, where graph analysis is applied for the detection of anomalous user behavior, or cybersecurity, in order to identify suspicious transactions between users in the deep web.