• Name Terrae Project
  • Duration December 2008 / December 2009
  • Coordination Abertis Telecom
  • Partners Retevisión (Abertis), Qaracter
  • Funding Entities Spanish Goverment, Ministry of Industry

Terrae project intends to design and validate an integral system to provide satellite access to TDT channels in those locations without terrestrial coverage. The satellite signal must be used exclusively by those households which cannot get the TDT signal by terrestrial broadcasting means.

Terrae main goal is the development of a tool to extract the TDT digital contents from the distributions links which make use of satellites. A specific receiver is to be used by the users included in this service.

The funcionality of the system requires the access to the databases containing the TDT coverage data and users addresses. These data are to be provided by the Spanish government.

The whole system will be deployed and tested with users living in areas without TDT service.