• Title Sistema de Onboarding mediante videoConferencia CERtificada
  • Consortium Tecnocom, Mobbeel, Quobis
  • Partners GRADIANT
  • Opening / Ending October 2016 / December 2017

SOCCER project consists on the development of a system that enables a secure and trustworthy remote identity verification using video. For this purpose, this project develops and integrates a set of complementary technologies that allow the whole identity verification process: (a) A secure and certified videoconference system that allows the comunication stablishment of the communication from any location and device. (b) A system to capture, extract the information and verify te authenticity of personal identification documents, both using the tools provided by the documents (e.g. electronic ID cards) or using a web or mobile device camera. (c) A facial recognition biometrics system to verify the identity of the user according to the provided identification document. (d) A secure and trustworthy system that allows the user to confirm and validate the transaction. From the set of technologies involved in SOCCER, Gradiant will participate in the integration of facial biometrics for the user’s identity verification, as well as the development of the system for the secure validation of the onboarding procedure.