• Title SILVA, Sistema multiespectral en UAV para silvicultura de precisión
  • Consortium Cotesa, Egatel, Bosques Naturales, AMMI Technologies
  • Partners Gradiant
  • Opening / Ending September 2015 / December 2017

The SILVA project aims to develop a new technology solution that facilitates the monitoring of forests and improves forest management. SILVA fits into the discipline known as precision forestry, since it introduces ICT tools in forest management to obtain relevant information about forest health. The proposed solution is based on the use of a new system of multispectral vision loaded on UAVs, with embedded preprocessing for extensive measurement of parameters directly related to the health of the tree (defoliation, emission of volatile organic compounds or water stress, etc. ). the combined use of geographic information tools and artificial intelligence is also proposed to support forest management. SILVA addresses not only the development of the sensor system, but also the associated management software and the new system of ground-air communications that support the remote UAV and transmission of a set of vectors of representative characteristics of the acquired images.