• Title Satellite Hybrid Information Protocol for MAritime TElecommunications
  • Consortium Alen Space, Egatel, Gradiant
  • Opening / Ending January 2020 / June 2022

The main objective of this project is the design and development of a network based on VDES and 5G, which allows two-way communication between vessels, buoys, virtual beacons, etc. and shore stations, providing a complete monitoring solution for the maritime field. Communication will be carried out through VDES (making use of the terrestrial and satellite components) and the 5G network through the mMTC and eMBB service categories. This network will allow vessels to send information related to the activity they are carrying out, the crew and its state, in addition to reporting information about position, heading and speed. All this information will be sent encrypted, so that only authorized operators will have access to the information, being hidden from the rest of the vessels and network elements.