• Denomination SAVE - Sistema Avanzado de Videovigilancia Eficiente con Tarjeta Gráfica
  • Duration 2 years
  • Client Bastet Ingeniería

In the physical security field, Gradiant has established a collaborative venture with the company Bastet Ingeniería, to launch the project entitled Save: “Advanced System for Efficient Video Surveillance using Graphics Processing Units”. Although this research avenue has received great input in the last few years, current video surveillance systems still present many weaknesses, such as tracking failures due to occlusions or false detections caused by illumination changes. In any case, the trend is to increase scene understanding capabilities, in order to provide higher level information to support decision making tasks.

The Save project aims at the development of new detection, tracking and interpretation algorithms, able to reliably detect and track moving objects in the presence of occlusions and illumination changes, and to identify security threats, such as object abandonment, intrusion and loitering. Nevertheless, greater analytical capabilities compromise real time processing requirements. Therefore, as part of the Save project, the developed algorithms will be accelerated using an implementation that exploits Graphics Processing Units (GPU).