• Name Proyecto REEFS (Redes de sensores para monitorizado espectral sobre FPGAs)
  • Duration 2008
  • Funding Entities Regional Ministry of Innovation and Industry, Plan Galego de I+D+i of de los Programas Sectoriais 2008

Current spectrum saturation requires the use of efficient schemes for monitoring the spectral activity, thus making dynamic allocation strategies possible. Likewise, signal detection and classification is also appealing for the control of illegal transmissions in those bands requiring authorization. On the other hand, the use of a distributed set of sensors increases the detection reliability due to the corresponding spatial diversity in fading channels.

Beyond this, sensor communication and information fusion techniques are especially suited for monitoring of environmental threats such as forest fires, oil spills, etc.

This project is focused on the distributed monitoring of spectrum activity based on sensor networks. However, other applications such as those mentioned above can benefit from the following lines of work:

  • Signal to noise ratio estimation
  • Communication signals classification and modulation identification
  • Statistics fusion
  • Deployment of connected sensor networks
  • Detection of unauthorized transmissions
  • Power efficient algorithms design/span
  • FPGA programming for sensor networks