• Duration 2013-2015
  • Coordination Gradiant
  • Partners Gradiant, Trialog, Atos Spain, Trilateral R&C, INRIA, The American University of Paris, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Universitaet Ulm, Fraunhofer, Waterford institute, KU Leiven
  • Funding 7th Framework Programme

The mission of PRIPARE is twofold: facilitate the application of a privacy and security-by-design methodology that will contribute to the advent of unhindered usage of Internet against disruptions, censorship and surveillance, support its practice by the ICT research community to prepare for industry practice; foster risk management culture through educational material targeted to a diversity of stakeholders

Gradiant is:

  • WP5 Coordinator – Gaps and Recommendations: Privacy-preserving ICT systems must be designed in compliance with the legal, social, organisational, economical, technical, ethical and policy dimensions and this usually requires a multi-disciplinary approach in the different phases of engineering and deployment cycles. However, it is common for advances in these areas to be performed independently or without sufficient integration and mutual understanding, resulting in requirements imposed by laws and policies not being well aligned with the technical solutions developed by industry and the necessities and expectations of our society. The overall goal of this work package is to identify typical discrepancies arising in these areas and provide recommendations to facilitate the integration of innovations occurring in academic and industrial environments feed future relevant policy initiatives in the area of privacy, as well as making sure that the strategy defined by the EU policy makers are accounted for by researchers and developers
  • Participating in:
    • WP1 – Defining PRIPARE Methodology: Work package partners will consolidate the concepts of privacy-by-design into an initial methodology and process reference model for systematically incorporating PbD in ICT software engineering approaches. The reference model will emphasize the assessment of end-to-end privacy and security issues in the analysis and design phase of ICT systems, making sure the approach followed considers core principles of PbD philosophy (proactive, by default, embedded, user-centric/friendly, verifiable) in a positive-sum manner which also encompasses the management of the entire lifecycle of information
    • WP6 – Dissemination within research and industry communities