• Name InterAds (Interactive Advertising)
  • Duration 2009-2010
  • Coordination On Touch
  • Partners Participants in this project are OnTOuch, University of Vigo and Gradiant, Galician Research and Development Centre in Advanced Telecommunication
  • Funding Entities Plan Avanza R & D, Strategic Action for the Telecommunications and Information Society. Year 2009. Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade

The main objective of InterAds (Interactive Advertising) is the development of an interactive advertising platform that gives rise to the creation of new advertising content. On this platform, interaction with potential consumers is done through intelligent video processing. More specifically, the system must:

  • Detect the presence of people in the environment.
  • Sort demographic audiences with the aim of offering different products in terms of gender and age range.
  • Interact with the user dynamically using advanced processing of faces, interpreting gestures, automatic speech recognition and 3D image rendering.
  • Log all information regarding call time and interaction with objective data to analyze advertising impact by sector.

The marketing industry must adapt to provide truly effective solutions to its customers and this happens on many occasions with the use of new technologies. Internet is changing the world and advertising was not going to be an exception. Customers no longer want to just be mere bystanders, but demand to play a more active role and at the same time they need to receive effective advertising that does not make them waste time. It is essential to make the most of the moment which captures the attention of a customer in order to provide all the information requested. This which on internet advertising is already a requirement has not been successfully passed over to the real world due to the lack of solutions like the one InterAds aims to develop.

To undertake the InterAds ‘project it is necessary to cover various sub-goals. As to what refers to demographic classification and attention measures based on the analysis of the video sequence, it is necessary to point out that the intention is to cover a realistic and complex scenario. The system will be located in a window display or inside an establishment and/or shopping Centre. In this way the main objectives to be reached are related to the functioning of the facial process system in non controlled and real time conditions. Likewise InterAds foresee the use of speech recognition technologies that allow for natural interaction with the user. The main objective to achieve, being that of keyword detection in noisy environments.