• Title GBOOK, Nueva generación de libros de texto digitales conectados
  • Consortium NETEX
  • Partners GRADIANT
  • Funding AEESD
  • Opening / Ending January 2017 / December 2018

GBOOK delves into the creation and management of digital content. GBOOK will provide textbooks with new functionalities, such as gamification, student progress analysis, communication between classes and the students ability to customize content. The Project aims to evolve digital books into a model that is capable of effectively integrating all the current technologies and create textbooks that really motivate the student and expand the learning capabilities of printed versions. Project co-funded by the Ministry for Industry, Energy and Tourism, within the framework of the subprogram of technological impulse, part of the Strategic Action Plan of Economy and Digital Society (AEESD) 1/2016, with reference number TSI-100600-2016-16. Taking advantage of its background in Learning Analytics, GRADIANT will be responsible for designing and implementing modules aimed to: (1) analyze learning processes for evaluating individual and group learning; and (2) analyze student authoring (customization).