• Title GALICIA 4.0, Oportunidades Industria 4.0 en Galicia
  • Consortium IGAPE, ATIGA
  • Opening / Ending September 2016 / September 2017

The study on the Industry 4.0 in Galicia focuses on the analysis of the new manufacturing paradigm that involves the transformation of the production model as a result of the incorporation of a set of emerging technologies that connect people, devices and machines. The research is focused on analyzing the level of implementation of the Industry 4.0 in the ten major sectors of the Galician economy: agriculture and biofood, automotive, wood / forestry, shipbuilding, metalworking, textiles / fashion, aeronautics, ICT, renewable energy and natural stone. The work will know how companies are positioned in terms of technological-industrial development compared to international best practices. The results allow to draw conclusions about the current technological level in each of the sectors and opportunities for improvement in the short and medium term.