• Title DIFFERENT, TDT sin interferencias por combinación de filtrado analógico y digital con mejora de señal y eliminación del ruido de transmisión
  • Consortium Televés
  • Partners Grupo de Dispositivos de Alta Frecuencia (GDAF) de la Universidad de Vigo, Grupo de Procesado de Señal para Comunicaciones (GPSC) de la Universidad de Vigo, GRADIANT
  • Funding AEESD
  • Opening / Ending December 2015 / December 2017

In this project an electronic system for capturing, amplifying, processing and distributing digital television channels will be developed, including the software of its control unit and the firmware of the programmable logic devices that are part of it. The project covers the design, manufacture and characterization of an integrated analog filter based on monolithic technology (MMIC). The project also covers the design, modeling and prototyping of a high frequency digital signal processing system for the enhancement of TV signals. This system will be implemented with a view to future migration to ASIC technology and will be prototyped on a configurable logic device (FPGA).