• Name CORAGE, Cognitive Radio Generation
  • Duration 2009-2010
  • Coordination Abertis-Telecom
  • Partners Abertis Telecom, A.5, Alcatel-Lucent Spain, Genaker, i-Team (Polytechnic University of Valencia), Polytechnic University of Cartagena and Gradiant, Galician Research and Development Center In Advanced Telecommunications
  • Funding Entities Plan Avanza R & D, Strategic Action for the Telecommunications and Information Society. Year 2009. Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade

The project’s main objective is analysis of viability and development of IMS service simulators in security and emergency environments on cognitive radio network using the new wireless communications standards IMT2000. Should the results of the viability analysis be successful tests will be e carried out in a semi-real environment.

The project aims to analyze the new technology, called the IMT200 which covers all the new standards, wireless terrestrial / satellite, and its suitability for IMS Security services in new spectrum bands designated after the last World Radio Communications Conference. Having analyzed these technologies, the requirements for the hybrid receptor which is capable of using them with the quality of service needed will be defined, and network and receiver simulators will be carried out.

The main R&D lines of business which will carry out this project, fundamentally involve three big technology groups: those tied to LTE, those related to WIMAX and all those which have to do with IMS. In this context the following fields are emphasized:

  • Spectral validation monitoring systems, which help to determine the use of spectrum.
  • Study of the adequacy of IMT2000 wireless technologies for emergency and security services in new frequency bands recorded by the ITU. Methods for reducing interference to facilitate the coexistence of cognitive radio.
  • Convert the Spanish industry into a fundamental actor in the development of infrastructure towards Next Generation networks, especially in the field of wireless technologies and security

Reference shall be taken from the last allocation of frequencies undertaken at an international level at the World Radio communication Conference in Geneva in 2007, which will have important implications for the Spanish spectrum allocation from 2015.