• Name CELTIC (Strategic knowledge with Competitive Intelligence technologies)
  • Duration 3 years
  • Coordination GRADIANT, Centro Tecnolóxico de Telecomunicacións de Galicia
  • Partners Indra Software Labs, Elogia, Saec Data, Imaxin Software
  • Financyng Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI), Fondo FEDER INNTERCONECTA - GALICIA 2011

CELTIC is an Innterconecta project which pursues impact the conception ofMarketing and Competitive Intelligence putting big data technologies at the service of the analytics over large datasets of public and heterogeneous data captured from the web (including blogs, microblogging, socials networks, etc). The technologies developed during the project cover all the phases to guarantee scalable and integral solutions in the business intelligence market: 1)extraction of public information from the web, 2) information extraction and structuring over scalable storage solutions, 3) knowledge extraction over large volumes of information and 4) interactive visualization of statistical information coming from aggregated data.

CELTIC comprises two final use-cases: the first one centered in competitive intelligence which automates the capture, extraction and the presentation of the information. The other application improves market perception of companies providing mechanisms for social data aggregation, user-profile generation and the elaboration of metrics, allowing the detection of relevant users and specific communities with common interests.

The participants are: Indra Software Labs (as leader), Elogia, Imaxin Software and Saec Data.